Hey everyone,
It seems a long time ago since I posted any updates of what’s going on, what I have been up to and what I’m up to in the coming months.

As a lot of you will know from the Dirt Bike Show I have signed to ride for Rob Hoopers Geartec Yamaha squad next year and will be team mates with my buddy Elliot Banks Browne which will be cool. We have been friends for a long time so hopefully we can push each other on and both achieve our goals.
I’m really looking forward to working with the team and I’m confident I will have a great machine under me. Hopefully I can take another step forward in my career and be fighting for podiums in the Maxxis British Championship as well as the other championship I compete in the UK. The plan is also to do some GPS, which ones I’m not to sure on yet. Again this is another great opportunity and I hope I can make the best of it.

Since the last round of the Maxxis British Championship at Fatcat I haven’t really been doing to much. I have had some downtime and spent a week in Portugal with my girlfriend which was a nice way to celebrate a successful season.

I began my preparation for 2016 last week with the RMJ Pro Academy which involved us all meeting our new trainer and out new facilities at Liverpool University. Last week we did all our testing to create our individual programmes. My new Trainer along with RMJ are really pulling out all the strings and doing everything they possibly can to make us be the most prepared we can be Come the start of the season. Things are really looking good for 2016 and I can’t wait!

As I’m writing this I’m sat in the airport about to head off to California for a week with my better half to go and see one of my long time friends tie the knot with his girlfriend which is pretty exciting. After the wedding we are going to do a bit of sight seeing and travelling around a bit which will be cool. While I’m away I’m still going to be training and building up to hit it hard when I’m back.

I’m going to start my riding programme when I get back from California. It seems along time ago since I rode and I am buzzing to get back to work on the new Yamaha.

Finally I will be keeping my partnership with Toughsheet Recycling which is great. Dougi from Toughseet really has helped me a lot of the last couple of years and I’m glad I can continue our relationship and tackle the goals for 2016 again together.

Again thanks to all my private sponsors for sticking by me.

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