This weekend we moved onto the opening round of the Maxis British Motocross Championship which was held at Lyng in Norfolk.


The weather was great on the build up and the track was in great condition for racing.


Qualifying; The track was still really fast with only one session on track before us. I managed to get a few ok laps in early on but none of them was perfect with a few mistakes. It was good enough to be just inside the top 10 until the last few minutes where I was pushed down to 12th as a few riders managed to better their times where unfortunately I didn’t.


Race 1: With the new rule this year all riders was forced to go off the Concrete, I totally messed the start up, I was a little too eager and edged forward forcing me to grab the front brake and take the weight off the back wheel and just spin. Buried just inside the top 20 I made some passes early on and managed to work my way up to 11th by the finish.


Race 2: This time I was able to keep my composure and make a better start just inside the top 10, a bad first lap dropped my down to 12th. I was able to make my way into 11th at the half way point but that would be as far as I could get as the last half of the race I suffered a problem with the exhaust system. I was able to just hang on and cross the line in 11th. After failing a noise test after the race I was docked 5 positions pushing me down to 16th.


Overall: Today was a really frustrating day, I never really jelled with the track and struggled to have the same speed as the leaders. I have a few weeks now until my next race so I will be working really hard to put the things I struggled with today right for the next race.


Ash 704

Photo Credit- Red Plate Image and Scott Dunne

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