Last weekend was round 2 of the Maxis British championship at Canada Heights in Kent. The weekend was cut short after a crash in the first turn of race one resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Fortunately there was a doctor onsite in the medical centre who was able to get it back into place pretty quick.


Sunday night i went for an X-ray to make sure everything went back in place. Monday morning i went straight to Harris and Ross to meet with Darren who had already sent my X-rays to the shoulder specialist. The X-ray revealed that there was quite a lot of bone damage during the Dislocation and he said i need to go for an MRI scan to see exactly how much damage was done inside.


After having the MRI scan Tuesday i met with the Specialist Thursday and unfortunately he gave me the news I wasn’t hoping for. The results of the MRI shown there was more damage than just the bone fracture shown on the X-ray,  and he advised I get surgery straight away as soon as the shoulder has settled down.

It’s obviously a massive blow, and at the minute it’s a hard pill to swallow. I have been working so hard with the team on the bike and also my trainer RMJ and I felt like going into round 2 we had made massive steps forward. 

As difficult as it is at times like this I am surrounded by great people who support me 100% and want the best for me and i couldn’t be more thankful for that. 

I’m not too sure on recovery time yet until after the operation is done, my aim is to hopefully to return at full fitness for the last few races of the year.


Again I just want to say a massive thank to the whole Geatec Yamaha team, Toughesheet, Dents8 and all my other personal sponsors for their continued support. Also Darren at Harris and Ross for all his help.


PC Dick Law