After 4 months on the sidelines after shoulder surgery it was time to make my return back to racing. The venue was to be Preston Docks for round 7 of the ACU Maxis British Championship. With just over 3 weeks bike preparation leading into the race it was always going to be tough, especially with the bad weather building up to the race day.


The track was in great condition considering all the rain that had come down the days before and even the night before.


Qualifying- It was great to be back out on track at a race, the conditions were very difficult and it made it hard to get a clean lap. Luckily on lap one I was able to get an ok lap which in the end would be good enough for 15. I wasn’t able to get a lap after due to mistakes and traffic. 15th wasn’t where I wanted to be but only 1 second from being in the top 10 wasn’t too bad.


Race 1- I defiantly had some nerves going into the race, I was able to make an average start but my lack of race time this year really showed on the first lap as I made a lot of silly errors and also dumb choices which resulted in me dropping down the order a bit. The race was really hard with the conditions and I never really settled the whole race, my arms were really pumped up and was so tense. I raced as hard as I could in this situation and was able to cross the line in 11th.


Race 2- Again I was little nervous and also I was quite tired going into race 2. This time I didn’t  make a good start and was even outside the top 20. The first few laps I felt much better and this time I was able to find a bit of a rhythm and ride a little more how I wanted to. I managed to work my way up to 12th by just over the half way point. By this point I had ran out of steam and was in survival mode. unfortunately I lost a position and was dropped down to 13th at the flag after a long hard race.


Overall- 10th overall on the day was pretty good considering everything. just over 3 weeks bike time after such a long layoff having the shoulder surgery I was quite happy. Obviously I want a lot more from these last few races but for where I am at right now I have to be quite pleased with everything. There isn’t many races of the season left now so I really want to try and make the most of them and use them as a stepping stone going into next season.


Ash 704



PC  Gavin Ithell / E Spencer