After a strong opening round of the championship I was looking for more of the same at Rd 2 of the championship at Lyng.


Qualifying- The track was in great condition and straight away I had a really good feeling with the bike and the track. When the timing board came out I was able to get a hot lap in straight away and was able to put a great time in that would see me finish the session in 3rd only 0.7secs of the fastest time. With a good gate pick I knew I put myself in a good position to have two good starts.


Race 1- I was able to use the good gate pick to my advantage ad rounded the first turn in 3rd. The opening lap didn’t quite go to plan as I didn’t ride with the aggression I needed and a nudge from another rider put me over the berm half way round the first lap causing me to lose a few positions. I was able to hold 6th down for nearly half the race but dreaded arm pump kicked in and I lost two more positions and dropped back to 8th which was in the bag until 3 laps to go when I sustained a rear wheel puncture. Luckily I was able to nurse it home and only lost one place dropping to 9th at the flag.



Race 2- Again another good start seen me end the first lap in 5th. After some good racing and battling I managed to hold this again till the last 1/4 of the race where I lost a little bit of my flow and unfortunately lost two spots to Anderson and Whatley in the closing stages crossing the line in 7th



Race 1- 9th

Race 2- 7th

Overall on the day- 8th

Championship standings- 7th


Overall today has been a good day, I would of liked to have been top 5 in both races but it wasn’t meant to be. Race two I really tried for that top 5 position but the other guys was just a little bit better. I’m a little disappointed that my qualifying speed didn’t quite show in the races but on the other hand I’m glad to prove to myself that I can do it and I can mix it up with them boys.

The first 4 races of the year are done and we have been top 10 in all 4, we are 7th in the championship so things are good.

There’s lots of positives to take from today so I will go away and keep my head down.

ASH #704