This weekend the opening round of the mx Nationals championship was to be held at my local track Preston Docks. After having good success at this track in the past I was looking forward to a good weekend racing with good results.


Qualifying- The track was very deep and heavy going, with a lot of riders on track I really struggled to get a good lap in early. After some collisions with other riders on my first few fast  laps it really hindered my best time. With the track rutting up quick I was unable to beat my troubled lap that I posted early on and left me with a very disappointing 13th in mx1


Race 1- In qualifying I felt much better than the time I posted. With a bad gate pick it was always going to be difficult to get a good start from the inside. After the first lap I was just inside the top 12. The first half of the race I really struggled to make ground up on the riders in front of me even tho I was faster. At the half way point I had eaten enough roost and decided to drop the hammer and within 2 laps I worked my way up to 7th. With a good pace and a clear track I was unable to catch the riders in front as they had gotten away to much earlier on in the race.



Race 2- Again another bad gate choice left me with an even worse start this time round. I was able to get into a rhythm straight away in the race and was able to work my way up to the front of the pack and was just outside the top 6. 22 minutes into the race I was settled in a comfortable 7th. With a rider in front going out with a mechanical it bumped me up to 6th only for me to go out the very same lap with a rear wheel puncture.

Overall- 7-DNF

Obviously I am really disappointed with the DNF. It would have been nice to bring it home in 6th and also 6th overall on the day. This would of meant I would have been in the top 6 in both of the UK domestic championships. It wasn’t meant to be tho and we will re group this week ready for the next round of the ACU Maxxis British Championship this weekend at Lyng.

There still a few things I need to work on during the week to be stronger on the weekends so I will keep my head down and keep working hard to get closer to the front.


ASH # 704



dock 1 docks3