It was finally time to go racing!!


The track was in pretty good shape considering the weather we had building up to the race.


Racing the 2 stroke class meant we was on track first at 9am sharp.


After a good week training and riding in the mud I felt really comfortable on the track straight away. When the board tuned for Qualifying I was able to bank a good lap in early which put me in to 2nd position where I would stay until the end of the session.


Race 1- After 11 months out of racing it was fair to say there were some nerves and excitement before the opening Moto. The gate dropped and I was able to make a really good start and grab the Holeshot just in front of the EMX300 Championship leader Mike Kras. I was able to lead the opening laps of the race but Kras was able to make the pass early. I tried to hang onto his back wheel but I was suffering really bad from arm pump. I backed it off and rode seat to finish 2nd 12 seconds behind.


Race 2- After race 1 I was feeling a little bit more confident after getting a race under my belt. I managed to get another good start and rounded the rest turn 2nd behind Kras. I put the pressure on early and tried to make a pass but unfortunately on lap 2 I made a small mistake and crashed. After remounting in 4th I was able to ride nice and relaxed and make some good passes to move back up to second at the flag.


Overall- 2-2 Scorecard today for second overall and runner up spot on the podium. Today was a good day and overall after 11 months away from racing I am happy to be stood on the podium. I feel like my speed is good and with some races under my belt I can be challenging for race wins and overall wins.


I’m now really looking forward to RD2 at Canada Heights on April 22nd.

ASH # 704